Radiation Oncologist in Madurai

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in urban women. We are one of the Best Breast Cancer Centers in Madurai covering the entire South Tamilnadu. All breast lumps are not cancerous. Only 10% of the breast lumps are found to be cancerous. Hence it is very important to differentiate cancerous lumps from non-cancerous lumps for treatment purposes and to avoid unnecessary anxiety. For that, early detection of the breast lump is important. It can be done in our exclusive Breast Clinic with an examination of the breast, mammogram and FNAC which is done in our centre under one roof and reports are given within 2 hours. That is the special feature of the Breast Clinic of our Hospital.

Even if you are diagnosed with breast cancer, cure is possible without removal of the breast if you come early and treated properly. Breast conservative surgeries and Oncoplastic surgeries are the specialities of our hospital and ours is the flagship hospital for the same. We have got the ultra-modern linear accelerator for radiation of the breast cancer patients and chemotherapy with minimal side effects. We are also pioneers in targeted therapy for breast cancer which is a new addition in the management and it prolongs the life of the patients like anything.

Apart from Breast Cancer, we are also pioneers in the management of following cancers.

  • All types of major Head and Neck Oncological Work (including Thyroid)
  • Voice preserving Laryngectomy
  • Esophagus, Gastric and Lower GI Surgeries
  • Sphincter preserving Rectal Surgeries avoiding Colostomies
  • Limb Conservative Surgeries for Sarcomas
  • All types of Post Excisional Reconstructive Surgeries
  • All Minimal Access Surgeries
Radiation Oncologist in Madurai